Festivals & Conferences

  • UEPS

    UEPS is Serbian oldest national advertising festival, founded in 1960, whose main task is to promote and improve communications and marketing and advertising profession presents in all segments of the economy and society.
  • KAKTUS Serbia

    Kaktus is a national Serbian festival of integrated communications, organized by web portal Marketing mreža.

    IdejaX is national festival of advertising, organized by Croatian association of advertising agencies (HURA) and Croatian branch of the European association for digital and interactive marketing industry (IAB). The idea of IdejaX is to present and choose the best creative works in classic and online advertising in Croatia in the past year.
  • Weekend Media Festival

    Weekend Media Festival is the place where you can find out all about the new trends, get to know top experts and potential business partners, but you can also have lots of fun. Festival is held in Rovinj, Croatia.
  • SOF

    Slovenian Advertising Festival (SOF) is the central annual event for the advertising profession in Slovenia.

    Is the regional advertising agencies showcase as a part of the Weekend Media Festival.

    Since 2011, out-of- home media provicder Europlakat organises competition for outstanding achievements in the field of outdoor advertising.

    WEBSI expose, represent and reward digital surpluses in Slovenia!

    DIGGIT is the biggest conference about digital communications in Slovenia.

    SEMPL is an internationally recognised training event presenting the current media trends in the Adriatic region, and analysing regional and international best practices.
  • Effie Award

    The Effie Awards are marketing communications awards presented by Effie Worldwide, Inc., a nonprofit organization, to honor the most effective marketing communications ideas. Effie Worldwide's mission is to encourage effectiveness among the marketing communications industry through education and recognition.
  • Golden Drum

    The Golden Drum Competition is the official competition of the festival Golden Drum. The Competition and Awards are open to all agencies, advertisers, clients, design or production houses, TV broadcasting or media companies and others involved in the creation or production of marketing communications, registered in the following countries from New Europe.
  • ADCE

    ADCE was created in 1990 by a group of professional design and advertising associations from around Europe.
  • Epica

    Founded in 1987, Epica is the only creative prize awarded by journalists working for marketing and communications magazines around the world.
  • Eurobest

    Eurobest is the world's pre-eminent celebration of European creativity. It' s a festival that draws on the continent's varied cultures and vibrant communities to inspire learning, interaction, debate, and healty dose of competition.
  • Cannes Lions

    The Lions are the heart and soul of Cannes Lions; the cornerstone of the Festival since the first ones were presented in 1954.