Macedonia Winners 2015

  • Best Agency

    First place

    New Moment New Ideas Company Skopje

    Is creative, unpredictable, fun, loyal, fulfilled, caring advertising agenca founded in 1993.

  • Best Advertiser

    First place


    Is a Macedonian national TV station established in September 1996. Its founder and owner is Makpetrol AD - Skopje.

  • Best Campaign

    First place

    Rdeči telefon / The Red Phone

    Agency: New Moment New Ideas Comany Skopje, Macedonia
    Creative director: Dusan Drakalski
    Adveriser: Telma

    In a country where freedom of speech has deteriorated over the years, where media is divided according political parties that control them, where a wire tapping scandal proved the direct influence of politicians on media, one TV station wanted to say 'WE ARE INDEPENDENT'.