B-report 2019: McCann Belgrade is the Most Awarded Agency in the Adriatic Region

Ljubljana, 18 January 2020 – Marketing magazin, the leading Slovenian publication on advertising, communications and media industry, prepared the B-report rankings for the fifth consecutive year. The report reveals the most awarded campaigns, agencies and advertisers in the Adriatic region, based on the results of the most important international, regional and national creative festivals and award shows in 2019.The aim of the B-report project is to promote advertising creativity in the region, while encouraging regional agencies and their clients to submit their original and innovative campaigns to international festivals and competitions.

Brands with attitude on the top of the game

The most awarded campaigns are socially responsible initiatives that address a broader social issue. “It proves that cause marketing is becoming a necessary part of every advertiser’s marketing strategy. Especially the younger generation of consumers who are growing up under the influence of a wide variety of social activists, like Greta Thunberg, are easily giving up on brands that do not share the same values with them. Clearly expressing strong beliefs and attitudes should therefore be the focus of every brand,” notes Simona Kruhar Gaberšček, Editor-in-Chief of Marketing Magazin.

Great power of classifieds

Last year, the 'activist-oriented' consumer society, and thus the members of the juries at the international advertising award shows and festivals, was most impressed by the 'I (dis)own my child' campaign, created by McCann Belgrade for the Serbian LGBT+ NGO 'Da se zna'. Among others, the campaign was awarded at the Golden Drum International Festival of Creativity and the SEMPL Regional Media Trends Conference, and was shortlisted at the Eurobest Festival of Creativity. The campaign cleverly twisted the unusual Serbian habit of frustrated parents who announce the 'disowning' of their children in classified ads in newspapers, often because they can not accept their sexual orientation or gender identity. The agency and the NGO that advocates for the rights of the LGBT+ community have modified the classified ads where parents claim that they heartilly support their children regardless of their sexual orientation.

The second most awarded advertising agency in the region was Leo Burnett Belgrade, Serbia, and the third place is shared by three agencies: Agencija 101 and Pristop from Slovenia, and Studio Sonda from Croatia. 

Key insights from B-report 2019

Most Awarded Agencies in 2018 in the Adriatic region: 

1. McCann Belgrade, Serbia

2. Leo Burnett Belgrade, Serbia

3. Agencija 101, Slovenia

3. Pristop, Slovenia

3. Studio Sonda, Croatia

Most Awarded Advertisers in 2019 in the Adriatic region: 

1. Da se zna, LGBT+NGO, Serbia

2. Vip Mobile, Serbia

3. Buzet Winery, Croatia

Most Awarded Campaigns in 2019 in the Adriatic region: 

1. I (dis)own my child, agency: McCann Belgrade, Serbia, client: Da se zna, LGBT+ NGO

2. Moms, welcome to the world, agency: Leo Burnett Belgrade, Serbia, client: Vip mobile

3. Piquentum Sv. Vital 12/13/14 Collection, agency: Studio Sonda, Croatia, client: Buzet Winery 

More information about the agencies, advertisers, and campaigns is available at, where you can also find the results for Slovenia, Serbia and Croatia.