Macedonia Winners 2016

  • Best Agency

    First place

    Saatchi&Saatchi Macedonia

    Second place

    McCann Skopje

    The agency McCann Skopje, founded in 1997, is one of the founders of the Macedonian advertising industry. It is part of I&F McCann Grupa. Limitless creativity combined with unconventional execution through diverse communication channels is our expertise, for which McCann Skopje has been awarded by almost all relevant international advertising festivals.

  • Best Advertiser

    First place

    Deutsche Telekom

    Deutsche Telekom AG  is a Germantelecommunications company headquartered in Bonn. Deutsche Telekom was formed in 1996 as the former state-owned monopoly Deutsche Bundespost was privatized.

    Second place

    Evropa AD

    Evropa AD has successfully operated on the market since 1882. It began as a trade workshop for the production of candies, lokum (also known as Turkish delight) and similar sugary products. Today, it is a contemporary factory that produces chocolates, wafers and candies, a factory with high achievements. The certificates for meeting the necessary standards speak of the unmistakable quality of the products.

    Third place

    Bitolska Mlekara Bimilk

    Having a tradition since 1952, "Mlekara AD Bitola" (Joint Stock Company for Dairy Product Production- Bitola) is today the largest producer of milk and dairy products in the Republic Macedonia, meeting the daily needs of more than a million customers.

  • Best Campaign

    First place

    Sea Hero Quest

    Agency: Saatchi&Saatchi Macedonia/Publicis One
    Creative director: Will John, Franki Gododwin, Matt Hyde, Glitchers
    Advertiser: Deutsche Telekom

    ‘Sea Hero Quest’ is the World’s first mobile game where anyone can help scientists fight dementia. The game ‘Sea Hero Quest’ is a multi-level adventure game in which the player takes on the role of a sea explorer’s son traversing the seas, looking for and collecting the lost pieces of their father’s ocean journal. On their journey, players need to find and photograph weird and wonderful sea creatures. 

    Second place

    Makes Bitter Sweeter

    Agency: New Moment New Ideas Comany Skopje, Macedonia
    Creative director: Nikola Vojnov
    Advertiser: Evropa AD

    The Print Ad titled Outdoors was done by New Moment New Ideas Company Skopje advertising agency for Evropa Chocolate in Macedonia. Chocolate make the bitter moments in life a bit sweeter.

    Third place

    Sledi gi avanturite na Bitolskoto cupe

    Agency: McCann Skopje
    Creative director: /
    Advertiser: Bitolska Mlekara Bimilk

    Thinking of the smallest ones and inspired by their joy and excitement, BiMilk and agency McCann Skopje, have started the latest kids’ adventure: big prize winning game related with their product UHT milk with 10 vitamins. Having in mind the importance of vitamin intake as well as creative development of children, the prize winning game is an excellent way to put this 2 things together and inspire children to lead a healthy and active lifestyle while keeping in mind the fun.