Slovenia Winners 2016

  • Best Agency

    First place


    Is one of the leading consultancy and communications companies in SE Europe. Headquartered in Slovenia, it has been a partner of key local and global companies.

    Second place


    Founded in 1996, Grey Ljubljana has developed from a small international office to a full-blown full-service agency that continues to provide excelent service to local and international clients. As part of Grey Group, we offer international expertise from our 96-country network, combined with in-depth understanding of local specifics.

    Third place

    Luna \TBWA

    The story of advertising agency Luna \TBWA goes back to the year 1990, when the agency (then called Luna d.o.o.) was founded. In 2002, the agency conjoined the global advertising network \TBWA.

  • Best Advertiser

    First place


    Si.mobil began offering its services in March 1999 as the first privately owned mobile operator in Slovenia. Si.mobil's entry in the market represented the beginning of competition in the Slovenian telecommunications market. Si.mobil has received a number of awards and certificates for its successful operations. It was awarded the Family Friendly Enterprise certificate for its efforts in balancing professional and private lives.

    Second place

    Pivovarna Laško

    Beer brewing in Laško is based on the love for this noble beverage. The brewery was founded by Franz Geyer, a gingerbread baker and mead producer. In the 20th century Laško beer is exported all the way to India! 

    Third place

    Zavarovalnica Triglav

    The controlling company of the Triglav Group is Zavarovalnica Triglav, based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Employing its expertise, experience and financial strength, it has provided protection for next generations of clients and their property over 115 years.

  • Best Campaign

    First place

    Smooth Banking

    Agency: Pristop, Slovenia
    Creative director: Blaž Vuk, Rober Bohinec
    Advertiser: Nova KBM

    How to introduce young people to banking services, they generally find uninteresting? With an ultimate approach through the popular ambassador Filip Flisar, who trusts Nova KBM services so much, he was willing to bet his most valuable asset on them - his moustache.

    Second place

    The Trunk Theater

    Agency: Pristop, Slovenia
    Creative director: Robert Bohinec, Aljoša Bagola
    Advertiser: Mini Teater

    The Mini teater brought some joy to the not so amused people stuck in traffic jams. For this they invented a new sort of theater, called The Trunk Theater. It uses the trunk of a car as it's main theater stage to amuse people with the most popular shows from Mini teater on the road where congestions stop the traffic.

    Third place


    Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Slovenia
    Creative director: Toni Tomašek
    Advertiser: Hofer Slovenia

    There are consumers who don’t fancy Hofer, mainly because they don’t know much about Hofer brands and products. So they decided for a new strategy: if they’re not convinced to visit us, it’s only fair that we visit them.