Slovenia Winners 2018

  • Best Agency

    First place


    Second place

    Agencija 101

    Third place

    Luna TBWA

  • Best Advertiser

    First place

    Atlantic Grupa

    Second place

    UNICEF Slovenia

    Third place

    A1 Slovenija

    Third place

    Cankarjev dom (The Cankar Centre)

  • Best Campaign

    First place

    Briljantna prebava

    Advertiser: Donat Mg (Atlantic Grupa)

    Agency: Pristop

    Creative Director: Blaž Vuk

    Second place

    The Real-Life Escape Room

    Advertiser: Unicef
    Agency: Agencija 101
    Creative Director: Sašo Petek

    In Slovenia child abuse within family is a serious issue and a taboo topic with less than a third of all incidents reported. To avoid the taboo we used the analogy of the escape room.

    Sexually abused children are held captive behind the four walls of an abusive environment, from where they cannot escape. Only adults can help them escape and the only solution is to report the abuse.

    This led to setting up Pop-up Escape Room at the untouched real-life crime scene, with the real survivor being a guide of the escape room with the only one clue.

    Third place

    Pohujšanje ("Scandal")

    Advertiser: Cankarjev dom, Drama, MGL

    Agencija: Pristop

    Creative director : Aljoša Bagola